Deep UV spectroscopy

Real-time analytical power for optical detection of multiple parameters rapidly

Unique features to increase sensitivity and specifity for better results

We have selected unique hardware to target better results not just more data. Our spectroscopic solutions provives simultaneous Raman and Fluorescence detection to gain additional information. Also, it’s regentless requiring no consumables and saving cost.

Sensor Fusion

We combine Raman and Fluorescence Deep UV spectroscopy
This means that we get the best from both worlds of spectroscopy - the specifity of Raman and the sensitivity and broadth of Fluorescence

Machine Learning

Iterative learning modules and advances signal processing
Advances algorithms and iterative learning as with partial least square (PLS) bring more analytical power and specifity

Higher resolution

Laser-induced fluorescence over a broad wavelength
The spectrometer with over 1000 channels delivers an unprecedented precision to enable more insightful data


Real-time monitoring solutions today mainly consist of UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy or broadband fluorescence spectroscopy using xexon lamps or LEDs and single peak detectors/filters with a low spectral resolution.

The great advantage of laser-induced fluorescence analysis is a spectrally much higher resolution. This allows the detection of changes that are not possible with classical LED or mercury vapor lamps.

The example shows the difference of the water quality calculated for visibility of process management.

Deep UV spectrometer

The core technology that we use for the spectroscopy is a very stable and reliable product from our technology partner Photon Systems, who have a long track record in building such systems for the government and industry.

It’s both able to perform stand-alone measurements such as in a lab environment or can be integrated for automatic analyses of liquids through a flow-cell through with liquids pass through.