Our mission

Precise measurement methods with the right analytical software capabilites brings about knowledge that brings new insight

Artha is developing a analytics & monitoring system to enable industries to control and optimize their processes with a real-time solution that provides the amount of data and quality necessary for a successful job.

Water systems, waste water treatment plants, and water protection agencies often have problems of limited, delayed, and inaccurate measurement parameters. We have developed customer solutions for automated real-time monitoring using novel AI enhanced capabilities with a proven laser spectroscopy system in the Deep UV for maximum sensitivity and specifitiy.

We believe that the right technology combined with new algorithms and machine learning enables the various industries to improve their processes, save ressources and contribute to a healthier and green environment.

Make the invisible visible with the best scientific methods

We believe that only the wealth of information available from a real-time measurement system allows for big data and machine learning algorithms to create new insights and novel applications, because you can only act upon what you can measure. Also, an all optical analysis method without the need for reagents is optimally suited for continuous online measurements.

Our goal is to gather more information about ingredients and substances in water with an effective, economical and supportable solution using laser spectroscopy.