Real-Time spectroscopy gives water utilities the ability to tap into, analyze and display streaming data from many parameters. Automatic alerts and management helps detect and focus on the most important events, monitor thresholds for your operations, improve safety across your organization, and respond faster to emergencies.

AI enhanced real-time spectroscopy for water monitoring

Our system combines modules for automated water sampling and monitoring with a seamslessly integrated Deep UV Spectrometer for Raman and Fluorescence analyses with integrated calibration for with low-maintenance and optionally a self-cleaning mechanism.

Broad spectrum identification of substances

Identification of a broad spectrum of substances in real-time gives insight for many applications of liquid monitoring for various industries. The output of many parameters in parallel at our level of preciseness is unique.

AI enhanced Spectrum Analyzer Software

Spectrum Analyzer is our proprietary development to fully exploit the possibilities of spectroscopy. It’s based on Google Tensor Flow and uses the latest models of Machine Learning. It’s unique full spectrum fluorescence analysis enables a wealth of signals to drive the power of analytics. 

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